One Music Theory and Composition Lesson


Free Music Theory Private Lesson

Duration –  50 min

Format – Skype or Meet

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👉Get your FIRST music theory lesson

🔸Do you really want to learn music theory and composition?
Most people learn little bits of information online on Instagram, Tik-Tok and YouTube like chord types, basic music notation, bits of harmony concepts
and you end up with a lot of nothing 
It´s frustrating right?
I know, we´ve all been there.
I designed a teaching method to learn from scratch every music theory concept with transcriptions of full songs organized in steps from the easiest to the most advanced.
You can choose your own path, learn how to read and write music notation, how chords and scales are build and how to use them, harmony and song analisys or how to create your own music.
So now we have to follow this steps
1️⃣ See what you know or if you start from scratch
2️⃣ Set short and long term goals
3️⃣ Start the learning path you like
🔸 I´m here to help you grow on the instrument and find your own musical voice.

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