Jan 30, 2021MUSIC THEORY

How to read musical notes

Learning how to read music is a very important skill to develop. I know most of you must think it´s very difficult, and I´m not going to say it´s easy, but with a little mindset and determination we can do it.

Remember You´ve already learned to read letters, this is not much different.

We have to learn the notes on the staff ( or stave ), that is the same as the letters on the alphabet.

There are 7 types of clefs. For the purpose of this lesson we are going to learn the notes on the G clef or Treble clef. On future articles we learn the F clef or Bass clef and others that less used like C clef or Alto clef.

Notes on the G Clef or Treble Clef

The G clef is called like this because the note G is on hte second line of the pentagram starting from the bottom line.

So we count the notes over it and below.

The First line is the note E

read music E

The First space is the note F

read music F

The Second line is the note G

read music G

The Second space is the note A

read music A

The Third line is the note B

read music B

The Third space is the note C

read music C

The Fourth line is the note D

read music D

The Fourth space is the note E

read music E2

And the Fifth line is the note F

read music F2

How to memorize the notes

There are several exercises to memorize al the notes

  • One is to memorize al the lines on the pentagram. E, G, B, D and F

read music Lines
  • Then memorize the spaces. F, A, C and E
read music Spaces

Then we can do three notes grouping and read the up and down

  • E, F, G, F and back to E
read music ex1

  • F, G, A, G and back to A
read music Ex2

  • G, A, B, A and back to G

read music Ex3
  • A, B, C, B and back to A

read music Ex4
  • B, C, D, C and back to B

read music Ex5
  • C, D, E, D and back to C

read music Ex6
  • And Finally D, E, F, E and back to D

read music Ex7

Now we can do the same thing but starting on a high note, read them back and up again

  • G, F, E, F and up to G

read music Ex8
  • A, G, F, G and up to A

read music Ex9
  • B, A, G, A and up to B

read music Ex10
  • C, B, A, B and up to C

read music Ex11
  • D, C, B, C and up to D

read music Ex12
  • E, D, C, D and up to E

read music Ex13
  • F, E, D, E and up to F

read music Ex14

That´s it for today, learning how to read music is exhausting at the beginning.

Please practice all these exercises and mix them too, do them in order one time and then the second time go jumping between all the exercises

I´m going to give you a music sheet with staffs so you can write notes too.

On the next lesson we are going to keep learning how to read music with more exercises like these.

Written by Max Neil

I really hope this given information is a kickstart to introduce you into the world of the guitar and music, because it´s a long way and it will be with you your whole life. Whenever you feel stuck with the instrument, theory or any subject contact me so I can help you to keep going on your musical journey.

Published On Jan 30, 2021