Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Do I need to take the lessons
You need a guitar, it can be electric guitar, and if so you need an amp or a digital amp, or an acoustic guitar.
A Computer with internet connection wih any comunication app like Skype, Zoom, Meet.
In Order to get the most out of the lesson you must have your guitar in tune before starting.
The material for lesson is in Pdf mostly, you don´t need to buy any book. I too old to learn or play guitar
The best moment to start playing an instrument is right now, there is no age to learn and enjoy music.
I´ve had students of all ages and they´ve all learned without any problem, of course that a younger person has more time and less responsabilities but that
has not stopped any from learning.
3. Im left handed, should I play right handed?
I´m left handed and I play right handed, my advice ,if you can, is that you play righ handed for several reasons. It´s easier and cheaper to find a right handed guitar
and if you have rent or use equipment that is not yours for a recording session or a show you´ll probably wont find a lot of left handed guitars around.
There are many famous players that play like this like Gary Moore, Gus G, Mark Knoppler, Kiko Loureriro to name a few.
4. Do I need any kwnolege to begin?
No You don´t ned to know anything about guitar, music theory or composition to begin. I will teach you everything.
5. Do I need to Know theory to learn composition
In order to write music You need to know some of the rules, I compare writing music with playing chess, you have to know how the pieces moves to play.
With music happens something very similar, you need to know how chords moves and the melodies applies to those movements to create a musical discourse.
But i can teach you all this things without havein any kwnoledge.
6. I Want to play Songs by my favourite banda. How Long will it take?
It depends on how much yo practice and what style of music you like. For ex. to play acoustic songs with fairly easy chords it can´t take between 3 and 6 months,
to some people it takes less to some more but around that time period. If you want to play speed metal or instrumental virtuoso music it will definitely take longer.


7. I Want to be a great guitar Player. How Long will it Take?
To be a great player you need to solve a lot of difficulties on the instrument, chords, scales, technique, time, sound, theory. how to do a good interpetation.
I think is save to say tha it will take no less than 4 or 5 years.


8. I Want to be a songs writer. How Long will it take?

Writing songs or any kind of music is an art by itself, it will take almost the same as learning to play an instrument, but in a year of study you can see good resoults.


9. How Much do I need to practice.
All the time you can, i used to practice between 6 and 8 hours per day. Of course You dont need to start there, you can play one hour every day, and if you feel that you
can play more do it. I think its better to plat a little every day than 10 hours on one day.
10. My fingers hurts, what should I do?
You Should stopp playing untill the dont hurt anymore, if your fingertips hurts it wil go away in a few days. But if you tendons hurts you should stopp and see doctor.
11. Do I need fingernails to play?
Not really, if you want to archive the fingernails sound yes, but you can play fingerstyle with your fingertips


12. Do I need to use a pick to play?
If you wnat to play electric guiar yes because most of the sound comes from the pick, and also most of the techniques use a pick.


13.should I do finger exercises? Or fast techniques?
When you are starting I think its better to play songs than exercises because it involves diffent things. the first one is to larn the whole song, play it in time, have a nice sound,
have  some feeling on yor playing. When you can do that its time to move our fingers, many people forgets about playing music and all they do is play mchanical exersices that meny times leads nowhere .
Don´t get me wrong, in order to play complex music you will have to practice that kind of stuff, but for a bginner there are things that are more important to learn.


14. Do I need to read music to play?
No, But i will help you a lot to understand the musical language


15. Do I need to read tabs or scores?
i preffer Scores over tabs. But anything you can do is good. And if you play by ear and don´t know how to read anything it´s ok too.
You can lean that any time.
16. Why do I need lessons? Can I learn to play by myself?
Yes You can, but it will take a lot more time to do it by yourself mainly because you won´t have an order and al the information needed. I can offer a complete view of the instrument
having experience working as a professional player and a composer, and i can give you all the information you need in the shortest possible time.
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