Hi, I`m Max Neil. Guitarist, Composer and Teacher 

 As a Session player I worked in publicity and musical projects for artists of different genres.

    I designed this teaching method, after a decade teaching, with transcriptions of full songs of diferent genres that include all the skills needed to be a profesional

    It goes in a progressive order from scratch to the most advanced.

    We will end up with full knowledge of the instrument,
    reading, theory, improvisation and composition/song writing.

    After finishing my grade studies on the Beethoven Fundation Concervatory, I Specialized in composition.

    I Also studied with private teachers.

    • Electric Guitar – Mauro Langone
    • Blues Guitar – Alberto Garcia
    • Jazz Guitar – Fabian Marascci
    • Reading, ear training and Piano – Elizabeth Barnaba
    • Harmony and counterpoint – Valdo Schiamarella
    • Conterpoint, Fugue and Composition – Gisella Paterno
    • Composition, Analisys, Musical Forms, Intrumentation – Diego Gonzales


    Max neil


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